Choices Continued…

Published June 18, 2012 by kalisblog313

So after leaving you with my last post about choosing the right guy it has turned out that I was wrong. After choosing to be with Josh he only dated me for a couple of weeks because his mother didn’t like him having a girlfriend.

My love life is falling apart right now as I found out last night my other option has just been leading me on and lying to me. So here’s the deal; no guy at this age (17) wants to be with you for very long because they all really do just want sex. I can’t say this continues through their whole life but there are not many guys out there these days who want a long term relationship with a girl to love her, protect her and make her happy.

I realise all I do is bitch about guys but they haven’t really shown me anything different which is why I personally have this perception. So now I have made myself a promise to stay away from guys until the right one gets down on his knees and proposes to me. I will flirt and tease because that’s what they do so why should I be any different? No male will get the satisfaction of being with me because they honestly don’t deserve me. It has finally become too much heart ache for one girl to handle which is why I am here.


At the present moment school and boys are not the best combination as I am scared I’m going to fail year 12. I have recently been thinking about moving back to Albury with my mum (I am currently living with my father in Canberra), I would finish year 11 then go back there. I wouldn’t go back to school but maybe go to tafe to finish my year 12.

Not many people know much about my life and what I have been through but I get harassed and bullied quite a lot by one person in particular. She does not deserve my time which is what stops me from reacting but I am starting to get sick of even my closest friends believing her and others over me, especially when all I want is everyone to know the truth.

While I’m complaining I would like to put my personal opinion of gay marriage out there. I am sick of people saying it is wrong! The only difference between these relationships is that we like different sex organs and they like the same. Everyone who says gay marriage is wrong because it’s in the bible well that’s a load of sh*t. Jesus said “love they neighbour”, he did not say “love they neighbour, except gays, bisexuals and lesbians”. Wake up to yourself world; times have changed and there is nothing wrong with these people, they are all humans like us. Even the president of the Untited States of America believes this… Mr. Obama said this in a television interview with ABC.

“I’ve been going through an evolution on this issue. I’ve always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally. At a certain point I’ve just concluded that, for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

In life we are all faced with many, many challengers. Some are hard, some are easy and others you just can’t make. Life is a journey we all have to take and it’s our friends and family that will help us get through the hard times.

Here’s a funny video to make your day a little better. 🙂


Why are all teenage boys jerks..

Published June 5, 2012 by kalisblog313

Have you ever been dumped? Cheated on? Used? Abused? Why are all the teenage boys hurting us girls? The answer is simple… They are JERKS! Most males are only interested in getting sex and this is why they hurt us.

It’s the same situation over and over again for us girls. First they ask us out and lead us on, then comes the “I love you”, next he is touching you and then after 6 months you decide he is the guy you love and he has sex and leaves. Males only think with their lower brain and this is not fair on us girls who decide to trust someone who says he loves you and wants to be with you forever.

Males have this gene that makes them lie this is known as genetically congenital lairs and is passed down through the males genes. It always ends badly for every female; you will always end up hurt. I’m warning you now so everyone knows what they are really like; no more lies and no more sex. If you find the so called one then don’t have sex with him until you are married and trying for a child because then he can’t leave and if he does leave he will still be connected to you for 18 years of his life though child support.

They may flirt with you and act like he likes you but when you think about it, how many other girls is he flirting with? You don’t know so why trust him? Every girl has been hurt one way or another and it’s because we lay our hearts on the line for the wrong guy. But in reality they are all wrong.

Women will always be better than males; we mature at a young age and understand the real way to live our lives; whereas males don’t. We are strong and independent, we think straight. Males only think with their penises and they only want that one thing.

Being without a male until they mature at the age of 30 is the way of our future. We have always been taken for granted and arguably this needs to be changed. How will there be more males if we don’t give birth to them. Males need us and it is time to take advantage of this. Take a stand ladies, make males appreciate us the way they should; not the way they want to.


Rationale: The main people I am trying to persuade are the teenage girls. They would be between the ages of 13-20. These women would be all around the world because many girls have been in a situation where they get hurt and I want to stop that from happening. These women wouldn’t have a specific job or way of dressing they would just be all of the girls between those ages who have been hurt by males in one way or another. Many girls have been hurt so it is a wide target market but an effective one. Most girls will relate themselves to this because of something that has happened to them and I just want to help them understand no guy deserves a girl if he will just hurt her. Teenage relationships will affect someone for the rest of their lives; everyone will remember their first love, their first intimate moment, their first kiss, and when you remember back and see these things you will ask yourself why it ended and realise he was just using you. And most girls are over being hurt so someone should put a stop to it. By talking about the future I am trying to make women think about the future rather than the present. By saying women are better it will make the person reading believe in themselves and more of my propaganda.

Is the Internet Killing the Newspaper?

Published May 15, 2012 by kalisblog313

It is quite clear that the internet is killing the newspaper. We have seen that multiple newspapers have shut down because less people are buying newspapers. This is because the internet is quicker and at their fingertips. The internet is also free, whereas newspapers aren’t. Although many newspaper companies have online websites for the news, they still cost money to see the news.

In today’s society every teenager and young adult has facebook, therefore has the internet. No Teenager would be seen carrying around a newspaper but always have their phones. The technological advance has come in fast and has been adopted fast by the younger generations. After some time we can see the internet will be the only way to get news because all newspapers will be out of business in the near future.


 46% of people say they get there news fix from the internet at least 3 times a week, to the 40% that buy newspapers. The rates for newspaper has gone down by 13.6% because of the internet revolution. Personally, I do not buy newspapers; I am constantly on the internet and the place I hear big news first is on facebook. To find out more I will Google it to see this news more in depth instead of going out and buying a newspaper.

Another reason newspapers are dying is because there might be a big news story happen on a certain day but the newspaper cannot let everyone know about it until the next day. This is where the internet is a cheaper, faster way to get news straight away; and it would be updated right away for everyone.

Many people have caught onto the internet and it isn’t something that will be going away anytime soon. Statistics show that the main income for newspapers is the older generations that refuse to adapt to this new lifestyle, but they will not be around forever and we need to change our ways for this revolutionary change.


 This is the new way of our news and our future so why waste money on a newspaper when you can get the news free from the internet?


My target audience for my post was more the younger generations that can relate to this situation. I formed my opinion pretty quickly because I already know our newspapers are dying but after some research it became clear that my opinion was right. I can relate to this situation because I have been on the internet and have seen how it works more efficiently compared to our newspapers.  In this blog the logical fallacies I used were: False cause (In today’s society every teenager and young adult has facebook, therefore has the internet.), begging the question (This is the new way of our news and our future so why waste money on a newspaper when you can get the news free from the internet?), personal incredulity (Personally, I do not buy newspapers), composition/division (The technological advance has come in fast and has been adapted fast by the younger generations), bandwagon (Many people have caught onto the internet) and anecdotal ( I am constantly on the internet and the place I hear big news first is on facebook.).




Published May 6, 2012 by kalisblog313

What do you do when you start to like someone you are friends with??? Who do you choose if you have 3 guys who want to be with you??? These are just some of the questions I had to ask myself recently and I want to share it with everyone on here as my first blog post… So here goes 🙂

Recently I was dumped; and then I started to have feelings for one of my close friends (we shall call him Bob so I’m not mentioning names). At first I thought I was just having these feelings to forget my ex but they got stronger. I told this particular person about my feelings and he said he had them back, which would have been a good thing if he didn’t have a girlfriend.


I knew nothing could happen between us so I started pushing these feelings to the back of my mind. Then I started talking to someone else who I was fond of. He was clearly fond of me too and asked me on a date to the movies. We went out on a Saturday night and I had a great time, but something felt wrong as this person was one of Bob’s friends that he had a falling out with.

The day after, I got a message from someone I have feelings for, (lets say Fred) and have had for quite a while but I never really acted on them. He said he had something to ask me on Monday so I just replied with OK; not 100% sure on what he wanted to ask. This same night I found out Bob had broken up with his girlfriend, so I had that door reopen again.

On Monday I never ran into Fred so I sent him a message asking what he wanted to ask me. He replied with “I wanted to ask you out but I didn’t see you today…”. I was shocked because all three guys were interested in me and I had no idea who to choose. I ruled out Bob because I didn’t want to be a rebound.I knew I would hurt someone but in the end I chose Fred because I would see him everyday and he didn’t have a past that could hurt me.


I guess the moral to my boring story is that you should choose the person who will make you happy and never hurt you. And here I am posting this about my life for others to see. I hope it gives you a little insight into my life as i bet there will be more boring stories for you to read about me.